Old Herry's Rock to Lulworth Cove - England -

Walking the Jurassic coast is an adventure, is one of the best hiking trails in UK and it offers incredible camping spots.

Wild camping is not officially allowed in England! Leave the place as you found it, take all the rubbish with you and be respectful.

DAY 1 walking the Jurassic coast - Old Herry's Rock to Dancing Ledge

Let me introduce the gang: my boyfriend Stefan, the poor man’s Ray Mears and Planet Things right hand man. His best friend and real life viking Lex. Lex’s fire wielding girlfriend Teta (she is a member of the world famous Fuel Girls). And, of course, myself.

After renting a convertible car in London we drove to Swanage on the south coast of England. We stoped for lunch in a little beach cafe by Old Harrys Rocks. 

Before leaving on this trip I had been looking into new ways of using my camera, specifically long exposure photography. 

It was a sunny and warm day and after walking for a couple of hours along the coastal path we found the perfect spot for the night!

We set up our tents by a beautiful (and slightly dangerous) cliff ledge that had a dramatic drop down to the ocean.

After collecting some wood, which wasn’t easy to find, we started a fire and enjoyed a bottle of red wine accompanied by cheese and cured meat waiting for the sun to disappear! After our recent trip to Italy aperitivo has become a must-do thing for us no matter where we are. ( Article soon to be released). 

Away from the city lights, with a dark sky covered in stars it was time for me to pick up my camera and give it a try.

Trust me when I say photography isn’t easy and astrophotography even less. 

Unfortunately that night I wasn’t able to capture the sky with my camera. But I was surprised with an incredible amount of shooting stars. 

(Sorry, I can’t share my wishes with you as they won’t come true).

I fell a slept watching the sky.

DAY 2 walking the Jurassic coast - Dancing Ledge to Worbarrow Bay

I woke up, had a coffee and packed my things, I was ready for the day ahead.

After only few minutes walking the Jurassic coast we spotted an incredible rocky beach. We stoped to take some photos. Unfortunately I was too cold to get in the water, must be my mediterranean blood! 

It was time for lunch and we needed to restock our food and water. We walked inland and came across a small village where we had lunch in a local pub. (“Scott Arms” in Kingston). 

That day we walked and walked and walked…We must have done 7 or 8 miles in the afternoon.

The coastal path is absolutely breathtaking, the walk between Chapman’s pool and Gad cliff is challenging but worth it! We rarely came across other people but we had a lot of encounters with cows, ship and goats!

We lost track of time! The sun was quickly settling down and we had to find a place for the night.

We came across a small beach and decided to made camp even though sleeping on rocks wasn’t our first option!

By the time we settled down and made a fire it was pitch dark. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see the stars. Instead we decided to deep our feet in the ocean!

I was laying down on a rocky bed, worried about the tide and the wind was blowing our tends. I can’t say it was the best sleep of my life but it was definitely a beautiful experience.

DAY 3 walking the Jurassic coast - Worbarrow Bay to Lulworth Cove

Some of us decided to wake up skinny dipping in the Ocean (Stefan, aka my boyfriend, aka Planet things editor).

The first part of the trek was uphill and very steep. I was enjoying this view for the last time.

We didn’t have any more water or food. We had to walk across farm lands to reach a tiny town called “East Lulworth”.  Luckily we found a Gift shop that was serving tea and gigantic scones.

After a recharging breakfast we kept walking towards “ West Lulworth” (our final destination).

Just before catching the bus back to Swanage we got to see Lulworth cove. We celebrated the end of three beautiful days with Dorset crab and ice cream.

It was a very successful trip, the English coast has incredible views and a dramatic scenery. Perhaps I should walk the whole path next?

I certainly recommend walking the Jurassic Coast to everyone looking for an adventure.


How to get there: Driving is definitely the best and more comfortable option. It’s important to research in advance for long stay car parks as they aren’t very common.  There are many  different train options, they can be very expensive if not booked in advance.

Around the area: Walking along the coastal path is easy and intuitive. You can download a map on your phone but remember connection isn’t always available. There are few busses running along the coastal towns but with a very restricted time schedule.

Weather: Like everywhere in UK the weather can be very unpredictable. Bring warm clothes and waterproof options.

Important: If you want to have a go with night and astrophotography you will need a tripod (you can get one that fits DSLR as well as GoPro). Remember to bring extra batteries for your camera and GoPro. A solar power bank can be extremely useful.

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Walking the Jurassic Coast -UK

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  1. Stunning images! My eldest has been wanting to walk it as well but I think he just wants to collect more fossils for his collection! 😀

  2. It must have been amazing experience. I feel inspired to go there! Thank you 🙂

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