This collection of articles includes some of the best places to go Trekking around the world.

The ULTIMATE BACKPACKER GUIDE to la Huasteca Potosina Mexico

La Huasteca Potosina Mexico: The ultimate destination for adventure seekers, hiking enthusiasts, and nature lovers!

BEST HIKES IN UK: 10 Epic Long Distance Walks in UK!

Discover the best hikes in UK: 10 Epic Long Distance Walks in UK with incredible landscapes and unique sights.

LONDON CANAL WALKS: 3 stunning routes along London’s waterways!

From traditional narrowboats to futuristic buildings, weeping willows, and unique stores and cafes! Discover the 3 best London canal walks!

7 BEST THINGS TO DO & ACTIVITIES IN THE PEAK DISTRICT: Hiking, climbing, swimming and more!

Walk around beautiful villages and dramatic mountains. Push your limits with some of these best things to do and activities in the Peak District. 

HIKING THE LYCIAN WAY TURKEY: A Practical Guide to Turkey’s Best Long Distance Walk

Rocky coastlines along the Mediterranean sea and stretches of fascinating ancient ruins: A practical guide to hiking the Lycian Way!

HARDEST HIKES IN THE WORLD: 12 Challenging treks!

If you are looking to explore further and enjoy some unique landscapes, this list of hardest hikes in the world won’t disappoint you!

Complete Guide to Hiking and Trekking in Myanmar: The Best Routes!

Trekking in Myanmar was, once upon a time, very difficult and only reserved for a few people. Finally, in 2015, the country opened its doors to tourism.


A trip to an unforgettable land of wonder? The Canadian Rockies might be that perfect place. Find out the best things to do in the Canadian Rockies