There is this feeling when flicking through social media that adventure can only be found far away. 

When checking my social accounts hundreds of thoughts invade my head: Why is everyone having more fun than me? How do people find desert beaches and secluded locations? The truth is they don’t!

Photos pop up on my Instagram and I feel like the traveler stereotype doesn’t represent me at all. I wonder if any of you feel the same?

It’s easy to recognise a pattern on social media. Everyone looks the same. Clones.

I refer to social media for a lot of things, it has changed the way I organise my travels.I can find up to date information, photos and I don’t need to rely on expensive guide books! 

But there is a catch: it’s easy to forget how people only share the best version of their life. 

It makes me doubt myself and it make me feel like my travels will never be up to their standard!

The reality is no one is setting these standards, social media doesn’t define an adventure and doesn’t tell you what you should do.

I believe travelling can help increase self confidence. You leave behind your comfort to explore and walk unknown territories. Isn’t that the whole point of adventure?

Finding yourself in a new and different situation, act honestly and discover something you didn’t know about the real you.

Take a risk and be you! Different, original and unique!

Travelling forces me to speak up, to interact with different people and to question the stereotypes I have in my head.

Is it still possible to find real adventures now that everything is been captured and shared all across Instagram profiles and social media platforms? I believe your imagination is your only limitation.

So much of this world is still unexplored, I think we forget how big Earth is. Besides, a place only needs to be unexplored by you. One persons normal is another persons adventure.

Being an adventurer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to quit your job, live in a van and travel full time.

I call myself an adventurer because I go places without a plan.

I dare you to define adventure for yourself. And then go do it.

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  1. Very true. I find that a lot on certain social media sites. I would rather have a more balanced view point and some warnings of what else I might encounter rather than photoshopped images and staged pictures.

  2. Completely agree. The curated reality and often the belittling of common people with normal lives is what I don’t like about travel blogging or Instagram in general. Well written

  3. Enjoyed reading the post with a wonderful expression. Loved the way you define adventure as “…You leave behind your comfort to explore and walk unknown territories….” Traveling is indeed a path to self-discovery and everyone defines what it means to them and how they would like to go about their adventures!

  4. Yes so true – you only see the outside portrayed on Social Media – you never know the real story 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post. I tend to have travel envy and doubts when I constantly see the social media posts with the perfect location, perfect person, and the perfect experience that no one else could possibly have. I especially love your saying “One persons normal is another persons adventure.”

  6. This was a very interesting read. I totally agree that social media influences the way people are traveling these days. I guess there are pros and cons to social media in that aspect. Thanks for the great read!

  7. Great insight! I often even now fall victim to wanderlust of other people’s posts on social media sites. However, for me, I do my best to just use it as a starting point to dream of how it really will be. Kind of like looking at a beautiful book cover….they help ignite the imagination of what may be inside but then you have to jump in and find out the truth for yourself!

  8. Great post! You hit the nail on the head here. Social Media put so much pressure on us to have a beautifully curated life it is exhausting but I think people showing how perfectly imperfect they are are the one who people really relate to.

  9. Couldn’t say it better.
    Although got to admit that most of the people looks at others social account because they want that perception of perfect.
    We know is not like that, but we like to think it.
    But I agree 100% with you, I am living in a van going across Europe and especially on this instagram niche things always looks amazing, well is not!
    Great read!

  10. Absolutely agree. Especially in today’s social media-dependent world. That’s why I always try to keep a more balanced point of view no matter what I come across on the internet.

  11. I really dislike how pictures tend to deceive me. It keeps my expectation up only to then dissapoint me when I arrive to that place. Hence, now i only believe in what i see and try doing things i want without having to rely on fantasy that people actually show it online.

  12. I very much agree! Through social media we only see selected outputs of travelling and people rarely get to see what goes into it underneath. A very thought-provoking article, it’s refreshing to read something like this.

  13. Heh true. I have something similar. Most of the adventures I have are actually when I return to my hometown… When I travel, there are not enough adventures.. .:)

  14. It really is true. People want real experiences!

  15. Right on! Live adventurously and you can find adventure anywhere. bravo!

  16. So much truth in this, we all need to take time to enjoy reality

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