I arrived in Bagan on an early morning just in time to see the sunrise. Temples and pagodas were sticking out the thick jungle and colourful hot air ballon were covering the sky.

The ancient city truly deserves its spot as one of the world’s greatest archeological sites.

After the earthquake in 2016 the Government has banned temple climbing as it’s considered dangerous. With some luck and patience you can still find some small hidden pagodas safe to climb. The view from the top is breathtaking! Temples, temples and more temples at the horizon.

Renting an E-Bike gave me absolute freedom as I was able to search for little temples off the tourist path.

The ancient city has over 2 000 temples and pagodas, even though it’s the most popular and touristy destination in Myanmar I guarantee you can still find quiet and isolated places. All the temples and pagodas have unique features, some still have original paintings inside. It makes you wonder how amazing and breathtaking the city must have been when it was first built.

The reflection of the sun on the orange sand and trees was creating beautiful colour patterns in the sky!

I didn’t make any plans! I was cruising on my E-bike, barefoot, ready to stop and enjoy whatever temple caught my attention. There is an incredibly relaxing feeling about the ancient city. Time seems to slow down…


Most temples have lions to guard the entrance:
“A princess got married to a lion and they had a child. She left the lion and raised the baby on her own. The lion got so angry he started terrorising the village so the son decided to kill the lion. It was only after his mother told him he killed his own father. As a sign of respect for his father he placed two lions outside each temple to protect them.”


Travelling from Yangon to Bagan

A Bus from Yangon Aung Mingalar Highway station takes 9 hours, it’s cheap and can be very comfortable (VIP).

There is a train option but it’s not recommend; unless you are happy to spend up to 17 hours on this journey.

The quickest but most expensive option is to book a flight, days and times are limited.

Travelling around Bagan

You can rent a E-Bike for 4 000 to 6 000 kyat per day, no need for a driving licence.


Foreigners have to pay an archaeological fee of 25 000 kyat to enter the area. It’s valid for up to 5 days.

Where to stay

New Bagan and Old Bagan are only a 5-10 minutes drive apart and both surrounded by temples.

“Ostello bello” is a well known budget accommodation for backpackers.


Things to do in Bagan

Do you mean there is more that just temples? Yes!

  • The most famous activity is a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, keep in mind the companies organising the trips aren’t local, they charge 300-370 USD per person and you have to share the balloon with up to 16 other people.
  •  Sunrise and sunset over the river.
  • Visit a Lacquerware Workshop and learn more about this traditional art.  http://www.baganhouse.com/
  • Join a local trip to Mount Popa, the sacred mountain!

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The ancient city of Bagan (Myanmar/Burma) has over 2000 temples and pagodas with unique features. It's the most popular destination in Myanmar...

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