LONDON BARS BUCKET LIST: Secret and Unusual Cocktail Bars in London

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Try to complete this London bars bucket list if you dare! This incredible city has so much to offer. Of course, unique and weird cocktail bars aren’t hard to come by. Enjoy your drink next to a lion, in colorful teapots or in a secret speakeasy, these are only some of the most unusual cocktail bars in London.

London Bars Bucket List Part 1

5 Quirky and Unusual cocktail Bars in London and where to find them!

Little Nan’s


If you ever thought your grandmother’s living room would make a great cocktail bar then this place is for you! Hidden in the arches of the Deptford market, Little Nan’s is a multi-award-winning Cocktail bar. Drinks are served in teapots, vases, and colorful mugs while the ornaments and furniture are old skool and electric. Therefore, make sure you include Little Nan’s in your London bars bucket list.

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First Aid Box

Herne Hill

This might be one of the most unusual cocktails bars in London. First Aid Box offers “healthy and nutritional” cocktails in IV drips and other medical equipment, just what the doctor ordered. For this reason, Fist Aid Box earned a spot in the London bars bucket list, definitely a once in a lifetime kind of experience!

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The Last Tuesday Society


This is a cocktail bar as well as a museum. Allison Crawbuck and Rhys Everet paired together premium drinks with their passion for the macabre world. This cocktail bar is filled with bones, books, fine art, and strange objects, including a full-sized lion called Eleonora. Head down to Hackney to enjoy incredible drinks in a wonderfully weird bar.

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The Toy Shop


The Toy Shop is quickly becoming a famous spot in south London.

It’s a unique venue with vibrant walls and colorful furniture. The idea behind the bar is to bring back your inner child, it’s like walking into a kid’s playground. Drinks are served in unique and fun glasses and there is a very interesting food menu available. This place can get very busy at the weekends.

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Mr. Fogg’s Residence


There are four cocktail bars under Mr. Fogg’s name, however, Mr. Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair is without a doubt one of the most unusual cocktail bars in London.

This extravagant, eccentric, and colorful bar has a fascinating story. The interiors are stuffed with artifacts and collectibles from when the fictional character Phileas Fogg circumnavigate the world in 80 days. These include tiger heads, crocodiles, maps and pictures, and bicycles. One of the bar highlights is the famous ‘Tipsy Tea’, a classic afternoon tea with Champagne and gin. Booking is highly recommended.

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London Bars Bucket List Part 2

5 Secret and unusual cocktail bars in London: the best speakeasies



This might be one of the most famous speakeasies in London. They provide vintage-inspired creative drinks with premium alcohol and ingredients. The interiors are beautifully decorated with tropical prints all over the walls. Head down to Oriole if you want to enjoy incredible drinks with live jazz music.

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Opium is a beautiful bar that spreads across two floors in Chinatown. Inspired by Shangai in the 1920s with a modern twist, they offer incredible drinks as well as oriental food, such as Dim Sum. Opium hides behind a big red door on Gerrard Street.

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Experimental Cocktail Bar


Don’t be surprised if you walked past this bar many times without realizing it. The experimental cocktail bar is tricky to find as it hides behind a black door between restaurants in Chinatown. This cocktail bar has a luxury east London feeling with exposed bricks and mirrored ceiling. They have a huge selection of spirits and premium drinks. Booking is recommended but not essential!

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Old street

Nightjar might be hard to find as it hides behind a regular door a few minutes from Old Street station. Winner of the best bar award in 2016 this is one of the most incredible speakeasies and unusual cocktail bars in London. The selection of drinks is huge, each is unique and worth a try! Booking in advance is highly recommended!

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Sloane Square

Barts is tucked away in a large apartment block in the heart of Chelsea. Find the art-covered door, ring the bell, and hope the barman will let you in. The inside is filled with peculiar pictures and alternative ornaments and you can enjoy drinks in teacups and fancy glasses. Make sure you take advantage of their fancy-dress box.

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London Bars Bucket List Part 3

5 Interactive and Unusual cocktail bars in London: Drink and Games!

Drink Shop and Do

King’s Cross

Each week you can catch the resident DJ playing some old school favorites, drink colorful cocktails, and join in one of the many activities available, such as Lego robots, twerk dance classes and play with clay. This place allows guests to reconnect with their inner child, therefore it’s a must-do in your London bars bucket list.

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ABQ London + Sinner


If you always wanted to create your own mind-blowing cocktail then head down to ABQ in Hackney. You will be provided with a yellow boiler suit and gas masks – to keep it in style. The experience starts with a welcoming drink of your choice and follows with a lesson on how to mix incredible cocktails. However, if you just want to drop by, you can make your way to the cocktails bar and enjoy some premium and unique drinks.

If you are looking for something even more interactive then head upstairs to Sinner. Here you have to play bespoke arcade games to win vouchers for specific shots and drinks.

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Four Thieves


Four Thieves is one of the most interactive and unusual cocktail bars in London. with a massive entertainment schedule including weekly comedy nights, an escape room, and a fully functional arcade. On top of that, Four Thieves offers great food and a selection of over 70 gins. If you are looking for a fun and busy night you must include Four Thieves in your London bars bucket list.

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Four Quarters


Four Quarters takes us back to old school arcades and consoles, such as street fighter and Pac Man. In the hart of Peckham this bar offers live DJs and a good selection of locally brewed craft beers. If that is simply not enough, Four Quarters has a secret basement bar or speakeasy.

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This is truly a unique experience, therefore you must include Bletchley in your London bars bucket list. Inspired by Alan Turing, who broke the Nazis Enigma code, this cocktail bar offers an interactive experience like no other.

You must use the enigma machine and your code-breaking skills to order cocktails. Expert mixologists will create unique drinks based on the information you entered and decoded. Good luck!

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In Conclusion

Follow this London bars bucket list to discover the best secret and unusual cocktails bars in London. If you found this article helpful please let me know in the comments below!

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