The ULTIMATE BACKPACKER GUIDE to la Huasteca Potosina Mexico

la huasteca potosina mexico, San Luis Potosi waterfalls, Best things to do in La Huasteca Potosina, Mexico travel, Unique Mexico

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La Huasteca Potosina is a large region in the central part of Mexico that spreads over 7 states and 20 municipalities. Despite the short distance from the country’s capital, this beautiful and breathtaking area is relatively unknown compared to the rest of Mexico.

The name comes from the Huasteca, a group of local native indigenous people and the state of San Luis Potosi.

This region is the ultimate destination for adventure seekers, hiking enthusiasts, and nature lovers: Discover the numerous San Luis Potosi waterfalls, the best things to do in la Huasteca Potosina, and all the essential information to organize the perfect trip!

la huasteca potosina mexico, San Luis Potosi waterfalls, Best things to do in La Huasteca Potosina, Mexico travel, Unique Mexico

Why visit la Huasteca Potosina Mexico?

La Huasteca Potosina features magnificent turquoise blue rivers, caves, and many many waterfalls. Most visitors enter the region un-awarely in order to visit the famous Edward James surrealist garden, also known as one of the most unique places to visit in Mexico, and for good reasons!

Nevertheless, La Huasteca Potosina has so much to offer, it’s a spectacular area with a variety of landscapes, from flatlands to gorges ad waterfalls. There are plenty of activities available such as white water rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, and swimming as well as relaxing and enjoying nature and small local towns.

La Huasteca Potosina best time to visit

Like the rest of Mexico, the best time to visit this region is during the dry season (January- March) when temperatures are cooler and the water is at its bluest. 

Nevertheless, the end of February and the beginning of March are considered the absolute optimal time to travel to la Huasteca Potosina, temperatures are ideal and it’s slightly less busy.

During the rainy season, the temperatures can be uncomfortably high and the water won’t be as flat and turquoise. Nevertheless, this is a great time to explore Mexico on a budget.

How to get to la Huasteca Potosina

The small airport of Tampico is the closest to Ciudad Valle but has limited flights. Another relatively close airport is  San Luis Potosi International, a 3 hours drive away from la Huasteca Potosina. Finally, Mexico City airport is slightly further but with better international connections. 

Despite being possible to travel to this region by bus it is highly recommended to do so by car. The natural wonders of la Huasteca Potosina are spread all over this vast region and difficult to access by public transport.

It’s easy to rent a car from Tampico, San Luis Potosi, or Mexico City. The drive from the country’s capital to the region varies from 4 to 8 hours depending on the final destination.

Nevertheless, there are night buses available from Mexico City to Ciudad Valle, a really great base to explore the region. A good option is to take advance of the overnight public transport to the small town and then rent a car to use during your stay in la Huasteca Potosina (Note: car rentals are not widely available once you leave the main cities). Taxies from Ciudad Valle to many of the natural wonders are also a good option, relatively cheap and not too difficult to find.

Of course, it is possible to book fully organized multi-day trips, these will include transportation from the main cities and inside the region, as well as accommodation and food. Despite not being a cheap option, this can be the most efficient and less time-consuming way to explore la Huasteca Potosina. Huaxteca is a well-known company offering multi-day tours.

Where to stay in la Huasteca Potosina

Ciudad Valle is considered one of the best places to stay while visiting the region of La Huasteca Potosina Mexico. There are plenty of eco-friendly hotels, like Hotel Casa Ortiz, and Eco Hotel Casa Kima as well as more modern ones like the Bonito Express. It is advisable to book in advance especially in the high season as the town is small and can only accommodate a limited amount of people.

There is also a famous eco-park with available jungle cabanas or Glamping tents. 

Best things to do in La Huasteca Potosina

Tamul Waterfall

This waterfall is perhaps the most famous in La Huasteca Potosina and for good reasons, it reaches 105 meters in height and almost 300 meters in width – It’s a spectacular natural wonder! The best way to experience the waterfall is to access it from the bottom with a traditional Mexican canoe called “panga”. Paddling along the Tampaon river is a breathtaking experience due to its beautiful turquoise and blue waters.

it is also possible to admire Tamul waterfall from the top, after a long and steep hike. Nevertheless, the campsite and hiking trail are not government organized and therefore difficult to find and navigate, luckily local guides are available in the area for only 8 USD per person.

Rio Tampaon is also one of the best destinations for white water rafting thanks to its extraordinary scenery and class III rapids. Organized tours, including equipment and guide, are available for bookings.

Media Luna Swimming Park

Media Luna is a tropical swimming park located in the Rio Verde jungle.

It offers many eco-friendly activities such as camping, diving, and hot springs. The main lake is well-known for snorkeling and scuba diving. The great visibility and lush vegetation make it a great spot for beginners, you might even be able to see fossils and archaeological objects left behind by the pre-Hispanic populations. Laguna de la Media Luna has all the necessary infrastructure to spend the night camping for 70 pesos per tent/night.

It’s a great place to go swimming and relax in beautiful vegetation but it can get very busy and overcrowded on the weekends and peak times/seasons.

Tamasopo Waterfalls, Puente de Dios, and El Trampolin Park

Tamasopo is a small town located 55 kilometers west of Ciudad Valles, its surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscapes and offers incredible waterfalls with colorful emerald pools at the bottom.

The waterpark is well organized with rope swings, and zip-lining but doesn’t offer overnight camping on site.

4 km from the center of Tamasopo town there is the famous Puente de Dios, a Swimming hole known for its turquoise water, small waterfall, and rainforest. Because of the depth and strong current, it is mandatory to rent a life jacket. 

if your visit is in the high season, Puente de Dios has online ticket sales to avoid overcrowding.

Finally, a few kilometers from Tamasopo town, in the opposite direction of Puente de Dios, El Trampoline Park was created as a free option for visitors and locals alike. It’s surrounded by a beautiful turquoise blue river with swing ropes and waterfalls, it also offers camping on lush vegetation right by the river.

la huasteca potosina mexico, San Luis Potosi waterfalls, Best things to do in La Huasteca Potosina, Mexico travel, Unique Mexico
Huasteca Potosina, Mexico travel, Unique Mexico
Huasteca Potosina, Mexico travel, Unique Mexico

Micos Waterfalls and Selva Teenek EcoPark

Micos waterfalls are lying less than an hour away from Ciudad Valles town. Seven waterfalls come together to create a unique sight in La Huasteca Potosina. A popular activity is waterfall jumping, as the fall varies from two to 20 meters, swimming, relaxing, and hiking through the dense forest and vegetation.

The waterfalls are fed by the river Micos, a perfect spot for repelling and canoeing. A popular activity is the famous SkyBike over the waterfalls, it’s possible to do the entire circuit, including the skybike, zip-lining, and a rope bridge or stick to the zip-lining.

Camping around the area is also available.

Finally, Just a few minutes away from the Micos waterfalls is Selva Teenek EcoPark, the only wildlife rescue, and sanctuary in the area. All animals here have been either injured, abandoned, or confiscated. Visiting the EcoPark is a unique experience and one of the best things to do in La Huasteca Potosina.

Minas Viejas Waterfalls

This is one of the best San Luis Potosi waterfalls with its turquoise blue waters and coral sand.  It’s 55 meters high and flows into incredible pools of water.

It’s easy to access, located just a quick walk down a set of stairs, and it offers free camping on site.

The name Minas Viejas translates to “old mines”, in the past this area was used to mine minerals, today those same minerals are what create incredible colors in the water. Swimming, hiking, and relaxing and the most popular activities.

El Meco and El Santo Waterfall

The stunning El Meco waterfall is located near the small town of Naranjo. It has a free-viewpoint platform on El Meco-El Santo road but it’s also possible to rent a canoe and paddle up close to this natural wonder.

Right next to the waterfalls there is a beautiful campsite that offers a bar, restaurant, showers, and even wifi for 50 pesos per tent/night.

The best time to visit El Meco waterfall is at sunrise when the sun starts picking throw the tree branches and creates a beautiful reflection on the water.

On top of that, El Memo river is a great spot for white water rafting with its Class III rapids.

A few kilometers further there is the equally beautiful El Santo waterfall, also with free access and the opportunity to swim and enjoy a relatively private experience.

Both waterfalls are less busy and known compared to their neighbors Tamul or  Micos.

Las Pozas surrealist sculpture garden

Known as one of the most unique things to do in Mexico, this surrealistic garden features eccentric buildings covered in overgrown vegetarians. The artist, Sir Edward James, was an incredible architect and poet of the twentieth century.

This surreal place is located near the village of Xilitla, it’s a popular day trip from Mexico City due to its location on the southernmost part of La Huasteca Potosina.

The garden can get extremely busy on weekends and during peak season, allow plenty of time to visit, and avoid long queues by arriving in the early morning.

In Conclusion

Discover the beautiful natural wonders hiding in La Huasteca Potosina Mexico. From breathtaking waterfalls, to calm and turquoise waters, this region truly is the perfect spot for adventure seekers.

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