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Freakshakes: The latest trend, ultimate food porn, and Insta worthy drink originally from Australia.

One of the best things about freakshakes is that they are fun and easy to make. Without a doubt, freakshakes are a wild, sweet, and messy way to spend your afternoon – what’s better than a sugar rush in a milkshake bar in London?

The idea is to pile up as many things as you can on top of a milkshake, including a whole slice of cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and perhaps some candy floss. Here is a list of the best freakshakes in London.

The Best FreakShakes in London and where to find them

Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

Covent Garden

Maxwell Bra & Grill is a well-known milkshake bar in London and serves American-style burgers with a variety of cocktails.

Their dessert menu will satisfy any ice cream craving you might have. From soda floats to Ice cream sundaes their menu includes toasted marshmallow cheesecake, Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich, and Nutella glazed donut.

Maxwell’s famous freakshakes can be confused for an art piece (the ultimate food porn). No wonder why they deserve a spot as one of the best freakshakes in London!

They offer 3 different regular options and a vegan freakshake.

On top of that Maxwell’s Bar & Grill offers monthly shakes and limited editions, in the past, they included a unicorn freakshake and a Pokemon Go Freakshake.

Official website, more information, and bookings.

Soft Serve Society

Shoreditch high street

Soft Serve society in BoxPark focuses on premium soft ice cream and funky-looking deserts.

Their menu included a selection of 6 sundaes and 5 freak shakes with very original toppings such as candy floss, sweet and salty popcorns, and pretzels.

Furthermore, they offer an original matcha shake, perfect if you are looking for something unique!

Official website, more information, and bookings.

Miki’s Paradise

Holloway Road

This Milkshake bar in London offers a good selection of crepes, dessert, and freakshakes. In addition to this, they are famous for their outstanding customer service and cozy little sitting area.

If you are in London make sure to include Miki’s paradise in your itinerary:  Definitely go on an empty stomach!

Official website, more information, and bookings.

Black milk

Leicester Square

Black milk is a cafe and milkshake bar in London but originally from Manchester.

Their dessert menu is very original. They offered a unique limited edition rainbow freak shake to celebrate diversity during Pride week.

But don’t worry, you haven’t missed out!

Their regular menu includes a salted caramel stack freak shake and a triple Oreo cheese shake. Besides, almost all of Black milk Freak Shakes, come with a gigantic slice of cake on the top: One of these Freak Shakes can cover your sugar cravings for a week.

Official website, more information, and bookings.


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Absurd Bird


Aside from being a top Fried chicken restaurant, Absurd Bird is famous for its dessert and they offer some of the best freakshakes in London.

Their absurd shakes (freak shakes) have unique names such as “butter my nuts”, “Dolly donut” (with a real big donut on the top), and “the farting unicorn” (in which they say there are real unicorn sprinkles).

As well as that the restaurant offers a hard shakes variation with Bourbon or Tequila.

Official website, more information, and bookings.

In Conclusion

Super-sized and overflowing milkshakes! Follow this guide and enjoy the best freakshakes in London! Don’t forget to snap your perfect Instagram shot!

If you found this article helpful please let me know in the comments below! Last but not least remember to enjoy the best milkshake bars in London!

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