DISAPPEARING INK: Trekking in Myanmar – Chin State

Trekking in Myanmar was, once upon a time, very difficult and only reserved for a few people. Finally, in 2015, the country opened its doors to tourism.

CAMPING FOOD IDEAS: Pack like a Pro!

To make the most out of your adventure, here is a compact but effective list comprising of a few camping food ideas! Travel light, but comfortably. Pack like a Pro!


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There is this feeling when flicking through social media that adventure can only be found far away.

When checking my social accounts hundreds of thoughts invade my head: Why is everyone having more fun than me? How do people find desert beaches and secluded locations? The truth is they don’t!

I refer to social media for a lot of things, it has changed the way I organise my travels.I can find up to date information, photos and I don’t need to rely on expensive guide books!

But there is a catch: it’s easy to forget how people only share the best version of their life.